A floor coating more affordable & stronger than epoxy with zero toxic odors, an A-fire rating and NSF61 certified. The world’s only natural solution.

Free Estimate

Want to see how tough our floors are? Our free consultation will show you our adhesion, strength and flexibility are the best in the market. It’s free!

100% Safe

No smell and 100% Natural. Epoxy floors smell so bad you can hardly stay in your house once applied. The odor can linger for months. Not ours!!!


Less prep, goes down cleaner making it cost effective. Fast cure times, use your garage sooner. A long transferable warranty. Made in the USA!

Say NO to Epoxy

Consider the health risks with a epoxy floor coating company. This page will show you the risks printed straight from an epoxy manufacturer of garage floor coatings.

Farm to Floor

Our product is 100% natural for the safest possible environment. Lifetime’s Ecodur is NSF-61 certified for use in grow facilities

Delivering on a promise

Lifetime Coatings™ is the only patented, award-winning all-natural floor coating in existence. It’s both field proven and lab tested, with over 25 years history protecting against high traffic conditions, exposure to salt water, acids, fuels and many other chemicals. This is the only coating born as an industrial corrosion barrier for saltwater ship decks and oil tanks. You can enjoy the peace of mind that comes with using a brand proven in some of the harshest environments on the planet.

Lifetime Coatings will keep your concrete, metal, wood and other materials from decaying while beautifying your space and protecting our planet.

Our all-natural material, 100% made in the U.S.A., provides a safe working environment for employees, a planet-friendly coating for use in agricultural settings, and a healthy non-toxic home for you and your loved ones. Where you work, where you play, what you eat, and where you sleep – Lifetime Coatings™ provides a beautiful, durable finish, while keeping you and your family free from harmful toxins and VOC’s.

That’s Delivering on a Promise!

Impress your employees, friends and neighbors with Lifetime Coatings™ floor.

  • Smells
  • Toxic
  • Cracks easily
  • Long cure time
  • No harsh smells
  • Non-Toxic
  • Flexibility…will shift with minor movement of the surface
  • Ready to walk on in a few hours
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