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We bring you the world’s most versatile and user-friendly choice for surface disinfection, sanitization and space deodorization. This easy to use, just add water, patented ClO2 generation system offers a more intelligent and environmentally sophisticated method for decontamination


GC Liquid produces an OMRI listed, 99.9% ultra-pure ClO2 at point of use, requiring only water, a sealed generation vessel, and our state of the art microreactor. ClO2 is the world’s only selective oxidizer, meaning it has a high oxidation potential, but a low oxidation strength. This unique structure is why ClO2 is such an efficient biocide without being a dermal sensitizer or damaging costly infrastructure or contact surfaces. GC Liquid retains registrations from world regulatory agencies for the use on fruits, vegetables, meat, raw agricultural commodities, livestock, drinking water purification and many more.

GC Extended Release is a next-generation, humidity activated ClO2 generator for space deodorization, improving air quality for up to 30 days.  GC Extended Releases are an ideal addition to odor mitigation protocols for all spaces as well as limiting cross-contamination of odors. For a full list of applications or basic recommended protocols

GC Fast Release generator is a true dry gas fumigation for deeply deodorizing spaces and environments, including hard to reach areas such as microscopic openings on non-sealed materials, HVAC ducting, electrical conduit, and much more.  Due to the very small size of the ClO2 molecule, it can easily penetrate into all of these spaces to eradicate odors, ethylene gas, VOCs and other compounds from deep within.  For best results, spaces should be sprayed down with GC Liquid prior to completing a fast release treatment.  For a full list of applications or basic recommended protocols

Why are our products so pure?

It is because of the patented technology. Simply put, the chemical reaction that generates chlorine dioxide generates harmful by-products. Gard’nClean® traps the harmful by-products in a proprietary membrane until the reaction is complete so only the chlorine dioxide molecule is released into the solution, resulting in negligible and lower corrosiveness.

Environmental Impact

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it's effective

99.9% pure CIO2 is an oxidizer — plant pathogens are unable to build up a tolerance. It is effective against wide varieties of dangerous micro organisms

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It's Gentle

Unlike other disinfectants, there are no corrosion concerns at use levels. CIO2 can be used on food, water and in food preparation areas.

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It's 99.9% Pure

Our technology is eco-friendly and OMRI organic certified, requiring no special disposal or handling requirements. The activated solution has a neutral pH.

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