Procon Edmonton

A mining company that wished to make their warehouse brighter while saving on bills. Efficient Eco Solutions installed LED High Bays and floods for them. This made the warehouse significantly brighter, ensuring better visibility and worker safety. Procon also benefitted by applying for rebate programs, saving $7270*.

CO2 reduction*
63.741684 tonnes


Power Savings*
120,824.734 kWH

*estimated values for Procon Edmonton since January 1, 2020

Solution Implemented

By changing out to Efficient's LED High Bays and floods we were able to more then double the light level all through the project while cutting the power substantially. All this while giving them peace of mind with our 5 year unconditional warranty while also doing all the paperwork for Procon to receive a $7270 rebate.

  • Increased visibility
  • Increased worker safety
  • 5 year unconditional warranty


Approximate Client Savings

Procon is expected to earn back all of their implementation cost after 2.55 years. After which they are expecting to enjoy $1,362.48 as savings for remaining lifetime of the project. They have also received $7,720 as Alberta ERS Incentive.

Date completed

September 21st, 2020

Installation Cost


Project Lifetime

18 yrs

Expected ROI

2.55 yr

Energy Efficiency


Power Savings


Monthly Power Savings


Lifetime Savings


Alberta ERS Incentive


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