Solar LED Lighting Solutions

Providing you security, savings and sustainability with commercially designed off-grid lighting

Solar lighting solutions

Solar LED lighting solutions from Efficient Inc. offer commercial applications for added security, huge energy savings and undeniable sustainability. Efficient Inc recognizes the there is no one size fits all solutions for interior/exterior lighting and that each customer requires unique considerations. Efficient Inc. is equipped to meet those needs and provide you with a free Energy Audit to help you make the best decision possible for your needs

Environmental Impact


Save Money

Get rid of the costly expense of trenching and wiring

reduce Emissions

With our Solar lighting devices, you can add lights without adding CO2 emissions

Low Maintenance

Solar lighting systems are one of the easiest to be maintained

Reduce vandalism

Can be utilized in areas were conventional lights can not

Save Time

Quick easy installation, no extra wiring

Ready for the future

number of people utilizing solar technology is growing ever year

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