High Performance Industrial Lighting

Industrial spaces require fixtures designed for that environment. Our high quality components and resilient casings allow our LED fixtures to be utilized within these environments and applications, providing you the lowest total cost of ownership and allowing property owners and tenants to improve light levels, reach energy efficiency targets, and reduce operating costs.

Industrial Applications

Oil & Gas

Create Safer and more productive work environments

Higher Productivity
Under a proper illumination, workers experience better visibility and higher concentration, increasing their accuracy and work speed.

Improved Product Quality
Industrial lighting applications require optimal light levels with good uniformity and high color rendering to detect defects or product imperfections and avoid costly errors in Industrial and inspection tasks.

Safer Working Environments
Improve safety of employees by enabling a safer machine operation and preventing fall accidents with a flicker-free and well-lit environment.

Environmental Impact

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Maximize Energy Savings

Our highly efficient LED fixtures require less energy than traditional light sources. They can include control systems that detects occupancy and read the ambient lighting to deliver the optimal amount of light for each working area.

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Reduce Waste

Our LED fixtures have a much longer life span than lamps and most LEDs, eliminating the need of recycling lamps containing mercury and carton boxes or eliminating the need to replace short-lived low quality LED fixtures.

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Reduced CO2 Emmisions

Our LED fixtures reduce the overall CO2 footprint of manufacturing/industrial facilities by lowering the total kW/hr consumption of the facility

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